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Our Mission is to provide resources to the students, teachers, and staff of the West Platte School District--beyond those that can be provided by the District itself--to promote and encourage the highest standards of educational excellence and achievement.

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Join today and be part of a growing community dedicated to our school district. Support from the West Platte Education Foundation can make the difference between a good education and a superior academic experience!

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Learn how you can help support our mission through a variety of ways including one-time gifts, endowments and recurring or planned gifts. A gift toward education can make a lasting impact in a student's life!

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Thank you to everyone who attended the West Platte Education Foundation breakfast last week. What a fantastic program! We had our two teachers speak to the attendees about the money they received from the grants they applied for from the Foundation. Both teachers gave heartfelt stories about why they wanted the grant money for their students.


The Foundation had the pleasure of having Mrs. Lynch and her students prepare the food again this year for the breakfast. Melinda Munn, who is one of Mrs. Lynch's students, helped serve the food and talked to the attendees about her passion for cooking. She said she would be applying for a scholarship through the Foundation next year so she can pursue her dream.

Mrs. Rush and Mrs. Minx let the Foundation display their high school and elementary student art work so attendees could look at the talented students we have at West Platte.

Thank you to all who attended and who support the Foundation through their volunteer work, donations, and mentoring.

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